Know your pet's common deficiencies

Published: 27th April 2012
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Pet Meds for resolving common pet deficiencies

Being treated as a part of your family and most lovable animals, dogs and cats need special care to stay fit and healthy. Like humans pets are also prone to deficiencies and disease. To resolve your worries, the article gives an overview on better treatment solutions for pets and available petmeds.

Take a look at common vitamin deficiencies in pets:

  • Zinc deficiency

  • Iodine deficiency

  • Thiamine

  • Taurine

These common deficiencies can lead to critical issues in your pet. Know in detail about the deficiencies and pet meds available:

Zinc deficiency:

  • In dogs and cats, zinc deficiency can be caused due to inflammation also called as bowel sickness.

  • Zinc does not get absorbed properly in the body which cause deficiency. This canalso happen due to genetic problem.

  • Excessive consumption of calcium can also lead to zinc deficiency.

  • Meat and bone contain a higher percentage of zinc.

Iodine deficiency:

  • Iodine is the most important chemical needed for the survival of living things.

  • It stimulates the thyroid and its deficiency will lead to several critical issues.

  • In most of the dogs hypothyroidism has been recognized due to the deficiency of iodine.

  • Lack of iodine in the diet causes deficiencies.

  • Thyroxin supplement works best for preventing these deficiencies.

  • One can buy petmeds at cheapest available prices at online stores.

Thiamine :

  • To treat thiamine deficiency there are different cheap Pet Meds available at online market.

  • Raw fish eaters are prone to this deficiency, and it is often found in cats.

  • Eating over processed food could also lead to this deficiency.


  • It is the amino acid deficiency mainly caused by eating over processed vegetarian diet.

  • It can affect heart and eye in cats and dogs.

  • To overcome from this symptom one has to consult a veterinarian for suitable Pet Meds.

Pet Vaccinations:

It is really important for your pets to stay away from disease symptoms and health related issues as they can badly affect people who are surrounded by them. Consult your veterinary for more information on suitable vaccination available for petís health.
Following are few vaccinations for dog and cats.

  • Rabies vaccination: is an important vaccination for dog as per the law.

  • Vaccination like Canine distemper and canine hepatitis virus are important.

  • Government has pushed a compulsory law for vaccination in countries where rabies occur naturally.

Cheap Pet Meds

Medication is important so buy the best quality product:

  • Online marketing provides different medicines for vitamin deficiencies as well for flea and ticks control and buying online provides varieties of product as per requirements.

  • You can also get pet accessories, dog grooming shampoo and pet health supplements at online shops.

  • Donít compromise on the quality, search for the best reviews available for the product over the internet and get quality petmeds.

  • Pet care is the key for healthy pets.

Give proper diet to the pets which will help to build strong immune system. Take a look at a few tips for the natural diet:

  • Provide steamed or boiled wheat to your dog, 50% wheat and 20% of protein in the diet will definitely make a change to the health of the pet.

  • Oatmeal, millet also brown rice can be the best source of energy for pets.

  • Protein content is must in the diet and beef is a good source of protein.

  • Eggs can be added occasionally to the diet.

  • For the cats 60% of protein content and 20% wheat content in diet is important.

  • Give your pets a proper diet and notice a drastic change within a week.

  • Vegetarian diet is suggested for cats for healthy routine.

  • Avoid the deficiency symptoms of your pet by providing good diet to them.

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